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About the school:

The spacious school hall houses one, large environment known as the Casa Room and set up to meet the needs of the younger and older children (2-6 age group). The environment has a full range of Montessori materials.

Specific areas within the environment include the Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Maths, Cultural, Science, Botany, Music and Art. Each child is guided along the activities by a trained staff.

AMI trained teachers make up the core teaching team and support the total development of each individual child.

All the equipment is child sized and materials are placed on child level open shelves and are easy for the children to reach.

Social development plays an important part in the Montessori education. There is an emphasis on mixed age grouping within the setting. Individual learning is promoted within the Montessori environment and the school recognises that each child learns at a different pace. Emphasis is placed on concrete learning where the children experience concepts with ‘hands on’ ways.

The children are allowed the freedom of choice in their activities and they choose their activities for the joy of working. This unique child centred way of working allows the children to enjoy a sense of discovery and truly follow their own unique interests. The staff team recognise that the children absorb information at an incredible rate and enjoy learning new tasks and support and direct these interests.

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